Concrete Floor Repairs to Rescue Your Floor

Fixing wear and tear with concrete floor repairs to extend the life of surfaces

Concrete floors can suffer from wear and tear over time. This can not only affect your floor’s appearance, but more importantly make them unsafe for machinery and workers. Commonly, concrete floor repairs are an essential surface preparation before new coatings are laid, when the following problems appear:

  • Concrete floor cracks or fissures
  • Pitting, exposed aggregate and divots
  • Rough surfaces, flaking or crumbling
  • Edge chipping
  • Impact and machinery damage, particularly forklifts
  • Damage from acid and corrosive food byproducts
  • Deterioration from harsh environments and wear and tear

Concrete walls are also prone to impact or acid damage to surfaces. When left unchecked, damage to concrete floors and walls can affect their structural integrity as well as their appearance. We can assist with concrete repairs for floors and walls in industrial, construction, food and beverage production facilities and other commercial buildings.

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How do you repair concrete floors and walls?

Depending on the extent of damage to your concrete floors or walls, we use the following techniques to refurbish concrete including:

We may also recommend installing more durable floor coatings such as epoxy flooring to prevent future damage. As floor safety specialists, our focus is on getting you the safest, most durable and longest lasting result for your budget.

Who uses our concrete repair services?

Our specialised repairs for concrete surfaces are used by industrial clients including factories and warehousing. They are also in demand from food production and processing facilities where concrete sustains heavy use.  We restore concrete floors for warehousing, production, retail, restaurant and café facilities. Concrete repairs are sometimes required as a surface preparation before applying a new coating such as an epoxy floor and safety flooring.

Concrete Restoration from Panther Protective

At Panther Protective Coatings, repairing concrete walls and floors is part of our full scope of services for the industrial and commercial sectors in Perth and throughout Western Australia. We’ll inspect your concrete floors and walls to assess their condition and supply you with an obligation free quote for concrete repair. Call our specialists on 0452 470 433 or complete our online request form for a no-obligation concrete repair quotation.

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