Smoother Surfaces with Concrete Floor Grinding

A properly prepared surface is the key to resurfacing success

If you have a concrete floor that needs resurfacing treatment, concrete floor grinding helps your new floor stands the test of time. Resin and epoxy coatings need a properly prepared, clean and textured surface to be successfully applied. Concrete sealants need a base free from contaminants to successfully penetrate the concrete slab. Concrete floor grinding is an essential surface preparation that removes:

  • Uneven and rough patches in your concrete floor
  • Contamination from adhesives, paints or chemicals
  • Flaking surface coatings
  • Superficial marks and scratches

Concrete floor grinding also gives it a great key for adhesion. When investing in resin or epoxy coatings, adhesion is the most important factor for long lasting and durable results.

Why do concrete floors need grinding?

Preparing your concrete floors by grinding ensures a longer lasting, more durable finish – whatever coating you are planning to use. Without this first step, your new floor coatings may flake, drum, develop surface bubbles and eventually break down. Preparing your commercial and industrial concrete floors correctly with concrete floor grinding will give you a better, long term outcome for your flooring investment.

Quality floor preparation from Panther protective

We consider concrete floor grinding before any surface coating or refinishing. The condition of your floor will determine the extent of grinding required. Whether you have an industrial or commercial premise, we’ll minimise disruption to you with our fast, clean operations. Our powerful industrial grinders including 3-phase double-headed grinders and diamond disks ensure the job is done quickly, efficiently and correctly. Dust extraction and control is all part of our service, to reduce contamination on your site.

Concrete Flooring Specialists

Panther Protective Coatings are concrete flooring specialists. From surface preparation through to installation of your new floor coating, we see you through the entire process with minimal disruption. For the hard wearing, quality results you need, get in touch with the concrete reconditioning experts. Call our specialists on 0452 470 433 or complete our online request form for a no-obligation concrete floor grinding quote.

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