Maintain the Appearance and Integrity of Limestone walls

Limestone Sealing for Buildings and Landscaping

Limestone is a popular building material because of its availability and beautiful appearance. In the Perth area, it’s widely used in landscaping and building, particularly for decorative and retaining walls. Panther Protective Coatings offer limestone sealing to maintain the appearance limestone walls.

Natural limestone is cut from quarries in blocks and used in feature and retaining walls. The natural stone is highly porous with a high calcium content, and prone to absorbing moisture. The rough surface texture easily accumulates grit, dirt and other environmental elements. This can encourage the growth of mould, moss and bacteria which can affect the appearance and integrity of the walls. Reconstituted limestone is made from crushed natural limestone which is mixed with cement and then moulded into building blocks. It is less porous than natural limestone but still has a high calcium content and textured surface that holds on to dirt and encourages surface growth.

When should you seal Limestone walls?

To keep your limestone walls looking great and protect them from damage, it is advisable to seal them as soon as possible. We can assist with a sealant that protects and enhances your limestone walls over their lifetime. We can also add mould inhibitors to our treatments, discouraging any unsightly fungal growth. Panther Protective Coatings offer limestone sealing services to protect your walls.

If your limestone walls or paving are already suffering from embedded dirt or surface growth, you can have them restored prior to sealing for the best appearance. We offer powerful high pressure cleaning to bring back the appearance of your limestone walls prior to limestone sealing. Preparing the surface by high pressure cleaning also ensures there are no contaminants that could affect the sealer’s effectiveness.

How Limestone Wall Sealing works

An impregnating sealant provides the most effective protection against discolouration and structural damage to your limestone walls. The sealant is applied to the wall’s surface and is absorbed into the porous limestone, filling in the tiny holes and fissures.  Limestone sealing stops moisture from being absorbed into the rock, but still allows any internal moisture to evaporate.  Protective limestone sealant helps your walls resist stains as well as stopping moss and mould from growing.  It is the best way to protect your investment and keep your walls and exteriors looking great.

Perth’s Limestone Sealing Specialists

Panther Protective Coatings have over 20 years’ experience in limestone sealing in Western Australia. We provide an end-to-end service from surface preparation to limestone sealant installation to ensure the job is done right every time. Maintain the appearance of your property by investing in limestone sealing service by the experts.

Protect your assets

Limestone is a beautiful and costly architectural and landscaping feature. Don't risk leaving them unprotected. Call our specialists on 0452 470 433 for experience limestone sealing.

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