Anti Graffiti Coating for your Property

Anti Graffiti Wall Coatings

Tags and graffiti detract from the appearance of business premises, shopping centres, housing estates and retaining walls.  Graffiti devalues your property and is time consuming and costly to remove. We can help protect your walls and make it easy to clean them quickly, with professional anti-graffiti coatings.

Anti graffiti coatings should be considered for properties including:

  • Highly resistant to chemicals and abrasives
  • Waterproof and impervious to substances
  • Resists contamination, mould and bacteria
  • Strong and durable
  • Safe and anti-slip
  • Seamless
  • Stain resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Attractive and available in a variety of colours and patterns
  • Fast to install with limited downtime

Fast removal of graffiti is essential in public areas and on private property. Dealing with the problem quickly will discourage repeated tagging. An effective graffiti protective coatings makes it simpler to remove graffiti fast, and keep your walls looking great.

Types of Anti graffiti wall coatings

Anti graffiti wall coatings provide a barrier to protect your walls and other property from defacement. They make it easier and faster to remove paint and other graffiti.  Anti-graffiti coatings are available in solvent and water-based forms, depending on what you need. Anti-graffiti coatings work by stopping graffiti from permanently adhering to surfaces, so it can be removed more efficiently. Whether your walls are concrete, brick, cladding, limestone, colourbond or another building or fencing material, we can help with an appropriate anti-graffiti coating to protect them.

Anti graffiti coatings are divided into three different types:


Sacrificial anti graffiti coating treatments are a water-based polymer film that’s applied to your wall to provide temporary protection. When cleaning graffiti, sacrificial coatings are completely removed (or ‘sacrificed’) with high-pressure cleaning. A new anti graffiti coat is immediately reapplied. Sacrificial wall coatings are an economical and light weight anti-graffiti option, but need ongoing upkeep. A benefit of Sacrificial anti graffiti coatings are their invisible nature. This makes sacrificial anti-graffiti treatment a good choice if you wish to maintain the natural appearance of building material, or protect the look of heritage buildings or architecture.


Semi-Sacrificial anti-graffiti wall coatings (or safety shields) use an acrylic coating to provide longer lasting protection for your walls. The coating is built up in several coats on your walls, to help make the surface less porous and absorbent. Any graffiti can then be removed using a mix of solvent-based and high pressure cleaning. Each time the semi-sacrificial anti-graffiti coating is cleaned, it loses a layer or two of the anti-graffiti coating. This is reapplied periodically before it is completely worn down, to maintain the protective barrier. Semi-sacrificial anti-graffiti coatings provide longer lasting protection to your walls and require occasional maintenance, depending on the extent of graffiti you are experiencing.


Non-sacrificial anti graffiti coatings are a permanent graffiti protective coatings for walls and surface area. These anti-graffiti coatings create a slippery barrier that stops graffiti such as spray paint and markers from being able to stick to a surface. The graffiti and then be easily removed using solvent-based cleaners that effectively clean off all surface markings without affecting the anti-graffiti coating. This is an extremely robust and long lasting solution that is suited to large civil and building works such as estate walls and noise barriers. We specialise in permanent graffiti protection to give your assets the best long term protection from graffiti.

Perth’s Graffiti Protective Coatings Specialists

Panther Protective Coatings have over 20 years’ experience in applying anti graffiti coatings in Western Australia. We provide an end-to-end anti graffiti coating installation service from surface preparation to anti graffiti coating installation to ensure the job is done right every time. Protect the value of your property with anti-graffiti coatings from the protective coating specialists.

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