2 men levelling the floor

While a warehouse floor doesn’t necessarily need to win any beauty pageants, it does need to tick all the boxes in terms of durability, functionality, safety and value for money.

Epoxy floor coatings are the standout performer in terms of all of the above and have become the preferred choice for industrial and commercial fit outs where performance is paramount.

If you’re considering installing a new floor in your warehouse, these are some of the questions you probably need to consider:

  • Will the floor be exposed to any corrosive substances such as acids?
  • Is the environment damp or humid?
  • Are there any areas requiring continuous refrigeration or high heat?
  • Is it a busy warehouse with heavy loads and frequent vehicle traffic?
  • Are there any pedestrian walkways or specific areas that need to be demarcated?
  • Is the safety of personnel a priority?

If you choose an epoxy floor for your warehouse, you can be sure that you are getting the following benefits:

Impressive durability and longevity

Epoxy coatings are engineered to be strong, hard-wearing and seamless, thus providing excellent resistance against all types of pressures and contaminants.  From intense foot traffic and punishing impacts from heavy moving machinery such as forklifts to chemical, oil and food spills, temperature extremes and abrasive cleaning regimes, an epoxy floor will stand up to all types of rough treatment.

A professionally installed epoxy floor will also last for a long time, and in a busy warehouse environment where downtime can be extremely costly, longevity is a huge plus.

Chemical and spill resistance

Epoxy flooring is resistant to corrosive chemicals, acids, fats, sugars, dust, stains etc, making it the ideal solution for any heavy industrial workplace, food storage warehouse or distribution facility where spillages, grime and fumes are inevitable.

An added advantage is that an epoxy floor is non-porous, so it can handle elevated moisture conditions.

Ease of maintenance

Every warehouse owner or manager understands the benefits of a surface that is easy to clean.  With an epoxy floor, maintenance and cleaning are simple and fast.  The tough and seamless surface doesn’t have any crevices or grooves where dirt or contaminants can accumulate and it can handle frequent, robust cleaning including high pressure hosing and the use of abrasive chemicals without discolouring, fading or chipping.


An epoxy floor doesn’t cost the earth to install, and its superior performance and durability over the long-term make it a cost-effective choice.

Enhanced safety

When it comes to safety, epoxy floors tick all the boxes.  They’re slip and skid-resistant, plus they repel dust which makes them safer to walk on.  Another advantage is that an epoxy floor can be custom-designed to include specially demarcated areas, such as different colours or line-markings for pedestrian walkways, safety or restricted-access zones.   This can add an extra level of safety to operations within the warehouse.


Even though warehouses are generally industrial environments, some facilities require (or desire) a certain level of aesthetics.  Epoxy floors are available in a variety of colours and patterns with options for varying degrees of gloss, patterns, shapes, corporate branding etc.  They also reflect light, so they brighten up a dull warehouse interior.


An epoxy floor can also be applied to a variety of surfaces including concrete and steel, making it a versatile option if the warehouse has an existing substrate that needs re-covering.

Fast, easy installation

As curing and drying times are relatively short, epoxy floors only require minimal time for installation.  However, it is crucial that the job is done by experienced professionals to ensure the full benefits of this versatile and durable product.

These are all excellent reasons why industrial epoxy flooring is best for warehouses.  Any warehouse owner who values the safest and most durable protective commercial floor system on the market can be confident that should they choose an epoxy floor, they will get superior functionality and performance combined with surprising affordability and aesthetics.

Panther Protective are experts with over 20 years’ experience in epoxy safety flooring installation.  Find out more by contacting their knowledgeable team or calling them on 0452470433