Brazilian agribusiness giant, Minerva Foods and its joint venture partner, Saudi Agricultural Livestock and Investment Company (SALIC) chose Panther Protective Coatings to install food-grade epoxy floors for their multimillion-dollar venture in the meat processing industry in regional Western Australia.

Minerva Foods’ $48m investment has breathed new life into existing meat processing facilities in the towns of Tammin and Esperance and brought a welcome boost to the local job markets, economies and the local communities.

Senior management confirmed that both facilities had been primed for expansion and that Minerva was exploring further opportunities to grow its footprint in the Australian red meat sector.

A firm footing for Panther Protective Coatings and Minerva

Iain Mars, CEO of Minerva Food’s Australian trading operation, Minerva Foods Asia, said the Australian meat industry had an enviable worldwide reputation for good quality beef and lamb, backed by world-class systems and controls in all aspects of its operation.

Minerva’s investment in the two plants included substantial refurbishments to the Great Eastern Abattoir in Tammin to ensure it complied with best practice workplace health and safety, food security and animal welfare standards.  The company has also embarked on a wide-ranging training and community engagement programme.

In Esperance, the company brought the previously mothballed Shark Lake facility back to life, undertaking major equipment and system upgrades including new floors and ceilings and improved staff amenities.

Panther Protective Coatings was chosen to custom-design and install epoxy floors for these upgraded facilities.

Why Panther Protective?

Panther Protective Coatings was chosen for our proven track record in product quality, workmanship and service excellence.  We have been the preferred supplier of food-grade resin and epoxy floor coatings to businesses across the spectrum of industry in WA for over 20 years and have a strong presence in regional areas as well as in the state’s larger centres.

Why Was Epoxy Flooring Chosen For These Meat Processing Plants?

Flooring is a crucial consideration in terms of a food-processing facility’s compliance with Australia’s strict regulatory requirements.

Health and safety have to start from the ground up, which is why robust and resilient epoxy flooring is the first choice for these highly demanding – and highly regulated – environments.

Epoxy is a durable, long-lasting solution for flooring in meat processing facilities where thermal shock, heavy traffic pressures (both foot and machinery), exposure to chemical and acids, animal waste, microbial growth and bacteria are daily challenges.

Personnel safety is another key consideration in meat processing facilities where frequent cleaning and by-products from the operational process can leave the floor wet, damp and slippery

Panther Protective Coatings’ robust epoxy floors meet the strict standards set by the Australian Government and were therefore the ideal solution for Minerva Foods’ Esperance and Tammin operations.

In brief, our epoxy floors are the best choice for the meat processing industry because they:

  • Are HACCP compliant
  • Are water-resistant
  • Provide a seamless and impervious barrier against any build-up from dirt and bacteria
  • Withstand chemical and acid exposure from meat by-products and cleaning materials
  • Can be installed with the appropriate falls to ensure fast and efficient drainage
  • Are easy to maintain and can withstand frequent, rigorous cleaning – even with high-temperature water or steam
  • Provide a durable anti-slip solution
  • Can be custom-designed to include line markings and floor signage

As a long-time provider of attractive, resilient and robust epoxy floors to food businesses across regional WA, Panther Protective Coatings understands the unique needs of this sector and we are strongly positioned to deliver quality products and excellent service right around the state.