Flooring that stands up to the elements

Robust, Long-Lasting and Wholly Weather & UV Resistant – The Perfect Choice for High-Traffic Areas and/or Exterior Use

Polyaspartic is the standout option for a floor that needs to stand up to the elements. It offers a beautiful finish in a wide range of colours and lasts for decades. One of its unique attributes is that it doesn’t yellow or become brittle with prolonged exposure to sunlight. It’s also uber-tough, making it the ideal option for industrial and commercial locations.

Panther Protective Polyaspartic flooring offers:

  • Exceptionally fast curing times
  • Highly resistant to temperature extremes
  • Doesn’t yellow or become brittle from UV ray exposure
  • Comes in a wide range of colours and finishes
  • Impact-resistant
  • Has an extremely long lifespan
  • Suitable for exterior and interior use

If you’re looking for the strongest floor covering that needs to stand up to the heaviest of use or the outside world, then polyaspartic floor coating is the answer. It’s ideal for exterior use because the chemical makeup allows it to compensate for temperature change through microscopic expansion and contraction. This ensures that it remains firmly adhered to the surface below, with no movement, cracking or peeling. It’s also impervious to the extremes of Mother Nature – be it non-stop UV rays or excessive rain.

Polyaspartic is also one of the best options for areas that experience heavy traffic – either vehicular or foot – and will also resist high-impact blows. This makes it a great choice for factories, warehouses and other industrial locations.

It can be applied over different substrates. Although concrete is the most common, it adheres just as well to wood, tiles, metal and even glass!

What is Polyaspartic Floor Coating?

Although polyaspartic technology has been around for some decades, its use as a floor coating has only come to the fore relatively recently. It’s a hybrid product that shares similarities with polyurethane. It consists of two components that, when combined, cure to provide a highly efficient, UV-resistant solid coating.

It can be considered a close cousin to epoxy resin – but with some very unique elements that make it an excellent option for exterior and high-traffic floor areas, including:

  • Incredibly resilient to high-velocity impact, abrasion and heavy use
  • It cures super-fast – up to five times quicker than epoxy
  • 100% UV-resistant – it won’t yellow, become brittle, fade or peel
  • Has excellent longevity. This is because it doesn’t just bond to concrete, it creates a strategic and close connection to the substrate for the strongest of adhesion
  • Resistant to extremes of temperature
  • Highly stain-resistant – spills and drips are easy to clean away
  • Non-slip, making it ideal for exterior use

Polyaspartic floor coating is ideal for use in areas such as garages, warehouses, showrooms, gas and pump stations, swimming pool surrounds and any location where high resilience is vital. This, in combination with pleasing aesthetics, makes it an outstanding floor covering that’s suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

Panther Protective is a leading supplier of the ultimate polyaspartic floor coatings. Our experienced team will be delighted to assess your flooring needs to determine which of our advanced range will best suit your requirements.

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