Maintain Safety with Non-Slip Flooring

Anti-skid solutions for workplaces and public areas

Slips and falls are a primary cause of workplace accidents and injuries.  These are often caused when workers or members of the public slip on inadequately prepared wet floors. Non slip flooring is an important floor safety feature in facilities where floors are often wet, soapy or greasy including:

Non-slip flooring is also a key consideration in high traffic or risky areas such as walkways, platforms, steel decking and checker plate, ramps and entrance ways.  We even install our high grade non slip coatings on fishing trawlers and boat ramps.

Anti – Slip Floor Coating Solutions

It’s crucial that floor coatings in many commercial and industrial facilities have anti skid properties, so that workplaces can comply with duty of care for employees and visitors. Different grades of slip resistant coatings are available for a range of different applications.

As the market leaders in safety flooring for commercial and industrial premises, we’re proactive in delivering custom designed floor safety solutions. We recommend including non-slip elements in floor coatings to prevent accidents and reduce liability. We can advise on aspects including P-ratings and R-ratings for your floors, ramps and walkways.

Heavy duty polyurethane resin or epoxy floor coatings are among the best solutions incorporating anti-slip features.  In addition to meeting safety requirements, these floor coatings are easy to clean and maintain, impact resistant and attractive in appearance.

Retrofitting Non-Slip Tile Coatings

Non-slip tile coatings are extremely versatile. They can be applied over many different substrates including:

  • Existing concrete floors
  • A range of flooring finishes including decorative flake flooring and durable epoxy flooring
  • Tiles, wood and laminate

Acid etching can be applied to existing tiles, decorative floors and external walkways to make them safer. We can also fit non slip edging to walkways and steps.

Finally, we can incorporate different levels of slip resistance into our floor coatings, for example including aluminium oxide or sand for a textured surface with superior grip. We’re always happy to advise you on the best solution for your situation.

Safety flooring experts

Panther Protective Coatings are the Perth’s non slip flooring experts, with over 20 years’ experience in safety flooring installation. Our dedicated anti slip coating installation team looks after everything from surface preparation and remediation through to sealing and protective coatings to provide you with the non-slip floor coating solution you need.

Non-slip solutions for your workplace

Protect your workers and your business by our non slip solutions. Call our workplace anti skid flooring specialists on 0452 470 433 or complete our online request form for an obligation free assessment and quotation for anti skid floor coating.

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