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Concrete surface preparation for lasting solutions

We are market leader in concrete floor coatings for industrial, commercial and retail clients and facilities including:

We understand that quality and lasting results require a good starting point. Our range of concrete surface preparation services for concrete floors ensures your investment will last.

Surface Preparation

Concrete Floor Grinding

Concrete Floor Grinding

A properly prepared concrete surface is the key to success

high pressure floor cleaning

High Pressure Cleaning

Effective pressure cleaning for porous walls and floors before treatment

Concrete Repairs

Concrete Repairs

Fixing impact damage wear and tear to concrete floors and walls

Floor levelling

Floor Levelling

Correcting drain falls and making uneven surfaces safer

Why do you need to protect your floors?

You should consider expert protection for flooring in your industrial, commercial or workshop environments for several reasons:

Floor Safety

The right floors make your workplace floor safer. Non slip surfaces can minimise accidents, anti-microbial factors reduce contamination, and coloured safety zones can be established.

Floor Protection

Protective resin and epoxy floors are heavy duty impact and scratch resistant. This makes them longer lasting and helps them protect the fabric of your building.

Floor Maintenance

Our floor coatings are low maintenance and easy to clean, essential in environments such as commercial kitchens and showrooms.


New protective floors look outstanding, transforming the appearance of your facility and keeping it looking great for many years.

Our Floor Services

From concrete floor surface preparation and remediation through to coating and specialist safety services, we provide an expert end-to-end service to give you the perfect floor for your facility

Perth’s Floor Specialist

Panther Protective Coatings is WA’s industrial and commercial floors specialist. For floors that are safer and last longer in industrial, commercial, hospitality and retail environments, contact the protective floor coating experts.

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