Correct damage and drainage with professional floor levelling

Get a safer, more level concrete floor

If your concrete floors have uneven heights, falls or drops, they could create hazards for workers and machinery. A level floor means a safer floor, but there are a variety of other reasons professional floor levelling is required. In industrial, commercial and retail facilities, adjusting or fixing floor levels is a common surface preparation that may be needed to:

  • Create a consistent floor height between different zones
  • Create better falls for drainage
  • Smooth or cover pitted concrete surfaces

Our flooring experts can correct levels in concrete floors to make them safer and more suitable for your facility.

Floor Levelling techniques

At Panther Protective Coatings, we use several floor levelling techniques to level your floor depending on the situation:

Epoxy Screed

Epoxy screed is used in floor levelling to create a strong, long lasting and waterproof level floor surfaces. This technique is often used in production facilities especially those with wet processes such as dairy and food industries. Epoxy screeding creates a durable and anti-microbial surface cover for better hygiene and sanitation as well as a more level surface. It also has excellent anti-slip properties for a safer workplace. The screed can be applied in different thicknesses depending on the requirement.

Self-Levelling Epoxy

Self-levelling epoxy resin is one of the most popular materials for quality floor levelling and resurfacing. The epoxy resin is expertly poured to create a super smooth, seamless and durable finish. The new surface can incorporate anti slip properties and seamless coverage. Self-levelling epoxy is sought after by warehousing, factory and industrial sites requiring a durable floor for heavy vehicle movement including fork lifts. It is also very popular for food production facilities, restaurant kitchens and retail outlets. It offers food standard anti-bacterial features, chemical resistance, easy cleaning and effective drainage. A wide choice of colours and patterns are available making it an ideal surface for showrooms, commercial and retail spaces.

Cement Screed

Cement screed is used for concrete repairs on small areas and to create variations in floor levels such as ramps. It is a fast setting process that we can use to smooth ridges and repair joins and gaps in floors. This technique is often used to prepare highly damaged floors for concrete resurfacing. Using cement screed for floor levelling is a cost effective correction technique, used when the appearance of floors is not the primary concern.

Why invest in professional floor levelling?

When levelling your floor in large commercial or industrial spaces, it’s expensive to make mistakes. Done properly, your floor will give you years of low maintenance, trouble free use.  Panther Protective Coatings are experts in floor levelling techniques.  Reduce your cost of ongoing maintenance and improve the safety and experience of your workplace. Get the expert floor levelling contractors to correct your floor levels.

Think you need your floor levels corrected?

Our flooring experts at Panther Protective Coatings will inspect your floors to assess their condition and supply you with an obligation free quote and recommendations on the best options for floor levelling. We also offer concrete grinding, sealing and a variety of specialised coatings depending on your needs. Call our specialists on 0452 470 433 or complete our online request form for a no-obligation floor levelling quotation.

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