Give your floors a new lease of life with concrete resurfacing

Professional Concrete Floor Resurfacing for Strength, Appearance and Safety

If your existing concrete slab has suffered wear and tear or needs to be made safe, concrete floor resurfacing is a cost effective floor coating solution.  Resurfacing a concrete floor can freshen up the look of flooring to transform your space.  Importantly, resurfacing can help make floors safe and compliant for your workplace. Adding a new coating over your slab can also be useful when a quality finish is required.

Industrial standard surfaces

Professional concrete floor resurfacing will give you many more years of robust, safe and attractive use. Concrete resurfacing is often thought of as a spray-on stencil for driveways and external areas. However proper and long lasting resurfacing of your slab involves several crucial steps. If your workplace floor is subject to heavy traffic and safety standards, you’ll need a professional solution.  We’ll ensure your concrete resurfacing is done to the highest standard, to provide you with a high quality, lasting finish.

Variety of Concrete Resurfacing Options

After your floors have been correctly prepared for resurfacing, a new coating can be applied your floor. There are a wide range of concrete resurfacing options depending on the building use, desired visual effect, and budget. Whether you are refreshing concrete flooring in an industrial, commercial, factory, food production, civic or retail space, we have an option for you.

Epoxy Resin Flooring

Epoxy And Resin Resurfacing


Epoxy coatings and non-epoxy resin flooring covers a wide array of concrete floor resurfacing options. These floor coatings are very hard wearing, easy to maintain, have great safety properties and look great. It’s no wonder that this is one of our most requested concrete resurfacing options! Epoxy floor resurfacing provides excellent protection to concrete floors and rejuvenates their appearance. Its durability and seamless safety makes it the optimum solution for warehouses and workshops. Resin concrete resurfacing uses polyurethane resin which gives a highly scratch-resistant, fast drying, high shine coating which stands up to heavy use. We have a range of options depending on your requirements.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Commercial Kitchen Flooring


Commercial kitchens and food production facilities must meet food safety standards. When resurfacing a concrete food and beverage floor, choose a surface that makes cleaning easy and workers safe. Epoxy resin flooring is highly regarded as a food safe flooring product, used in commercial kitchens, cool rooms and food production facilities. Because it is seamless and impermeable, there is no opportunity for dirt and bacteria to accumulate in gaps or crevices. Coving between walls and floors protects from splashing and makes cleaning even more effective. Epoxy resin resurfacing helps create a level surface and offers anti-slip options for workplace safety.

Decorative Flake Flooring

Decorative Flake Flooring


Decorative flake flooring is an attractive concrete resurfacing option. It works well as an alternative to commercial vinyls, tiles and polished concrete and can transform the appearance of concrete floors. Hand cast flakes in a huge selection of colours and combinations are layered on a robust epoxy based then protected with a polyurethane topping. Decorative flake concrete floor resurfacing can help you achieve almost any interior design effect you desire, on an existing concrete slab.

Concrete Floor Sealing

Concrete Floor Sealing


Concrete sealing is a cost effective option for existing concrete floors that can freshen up the appearance, provide moisture protection and increase durability of floors. Concrete floor sealers provides protection from dirt and many stains, resulting in an easier to maintain floor. Professionally primed and sealed floors will have a longer service life than unsealed floors. This is an excellent option to stretch the budget while improving your floors’ appearance and durability.

Perth’s concrete floor resurfacing specialists

There are many options for concrete floor resurfacing in Perth, but it you want a hard wearing and great looking result, talk to the experts. Panther Protective Coatings is Perth’s concrete floor resurfacing and protective coating specialist, with over 20 years’ experience.  We provide an end-to-end service and reliable advice to give you the best outcome.

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Our experience in epoxy flooring systems means that we are the choice of industrial and commercial business that are seeking a hard-wearing and long-lasting floor resurfacing solution. Call our specialists on 0452 470 433 or complete our online request form for an obligation free assessment and quotation for concrete floor resurfacing.

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