Chemical Resistant Flooring

Chemical Storage

As a porous material, concrete can absorb all kinds of chemicals that can impact on your floor’s strength and appearance. Acid, solvents, oils and other chemicals can all take their toll on your surfaces. Many industries, from food production to workshops, need to store chemical substances that are used in both cleaning and other situations.

Your concrete floors are particularly vulnerable at chemical storage points including chemical bunds, or in areas that are washed down with harsh chemicals.  Installing protective surfaces in industries where chemicals are used and stored can help your floors stay in great condition for longer.

The appropriate flooring protection will be determined by what sort of chemical is being stored, how often chemicals are moved, and the types of storage containers in use. Panther Protective Coatings has decades of experience and can design the perfect protection for the areas of your workplace that are used to store chemicals.

Our flooring is suitable for a range of different industries that require chemical storage including:

  • Chemical Plants
  • Food Production
  • Dairies
  • Workshops
  • Factories
  • Store rooms
  • Hospitality
  • Wineries, breweries and distilleries
  • Health and aged care

Floor Coatings for Chemical Protection

Depending on the type of chemicals used, we may recommend a variety of chemical resistant concrete coatings such as  Epoxy Novalac, a complete protection system for aggressive chemical spillages and acid proofing.  Polyurethane systems or cement polyesters may be recommended for other situations. We can also assist with concrete repair, fibreglass patching and other remediation. This ensures your surfaces are in the best possible condition before coating, to ensure a long-lasting result.

Strong And Resistant

We can install epoxy and resin flooring that is resistant to acids, solvents, chemicals and food by-products and built for high impact use. If you need a surface that can resist chemical spills, heavy machinery traffic and weight loading, this is a great solution. Resin flooring also has excellent non-scratch properties in harsh environments.

Easy To Clean

Because of its seamless nature, epoxy and other resin floor coatings are among the easiest surfaces to wash down. Seamless wall-to-wall installation, coving between walls and floors and bunded chemical storage areas or washing bays can all be created during installation. They help ensure a pristine clean every time. Epoxy and resin flooring bonds with your concrete slab, so there is no underlay or grout for grime or dirt to hide in. They are impervious to food particles and liquid, as well as stain resistant.

Non Slip For Safety

Resin flooring and epoxy flooring can easily include non-slip properties – very important for wet areas or greasy, oily environments. Anti-skid and slip resistant flooring satisfies workplace safety requirements and ensures your staff are protected from injury and accidents.

Effective Drainage

Chemicals, cleaning fluids, oil, water and waste can pool on uneven or flat surfaces. These pools become slip hazards or create other safety concerns. We’ll ensure all the correct preparation work is undertaken to create effective falls to drains. We can take care of floor levelling prior to installing new surfaces, to ensure drainage is optimised.

Chemical Safety

When working with and storing chemicals, safety is an important concern. We can incorporate non-slip features as well as coloured safety zoning into your new flooring, to reduce risk and ensure a compliant and safer workplace.

Understanding the needs of your industry

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