Your retail space should tell a story about your brand or products.  And it should help sell them too.

First impressions count and that’s why your retail space needs to make an immediate and strong statement to customers who enter your retail space.  Attractive aesthetics, a sense of flair and style and a pervasive sense of quality will go a long way in establishing that vital first impression – and there’s no more important place to make a statement than the floor.

Why the choice of flooring in a retail space matters

When customers step into a retail space, they notice the flooring.  A tired, worn out and grubby-looking floor won’t fill them with confidence and may actually taint their perception about your offering.

On the other hand, if you welcome customers with a beautiful floor, you’ll be making a bold and positive statement about your business.  You’ll be sending a message that you care about your customers and you take pride in your brand and your space, and customers will assume that that same attention to detail and focus on quality carries through to your goods or services.

What floor type is best for a retail space?

Epoxy is fast becoming the flooring of choice for retail spaces.  Its many features and benefits also make it the top option for many different commercial, industrial and domestic applications but this blog discusses how an epoxy floor will boost your retail space.

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Epoxy flooring adds a beautiful look and feel to your business

Installing a decorative floor coating can have a massive impact on the attractiveness and appeal of your premises.  Even if your retail space gets lots of heavy foot traffic, the lustrous and seamless appearance of an epoxy floor won’t wane or deteriorate.  It will look consistently clean and bright – even in the face of rough treatment – and is the best option for revitalising old, tired and dull floors such as concrete and elevating them to new heights of flair and style.

Epoxy flooring is fully customisable and versatile

The great thing about epoxy floors is that they can be customised to suit any environment or design requirement.  If you want a logo incorporated into your retail floor, a unique pattern, different colours or decorative looks – it’s all possible.  Once the decorative layer has been completed, a high-gloss polyurethane coat is added on top to give the floor superior strength and scratch-resistance.

The stylish and unique design you choose for your epoxy floor will make your business stand out from the crowd which is a real plus in the competitive world of retail.

Epoxy floors are extremely durable and hard-wearing

Epoxy floors are extremely tough and will retain their good looks despite being subjected to rough treatment, including heavy foot traffic in a busy retail environment.  It won’t crack, dent, chip, buckle or scuff – and therefore will continue to beautify your retail space despite heavy duty impacts.

Epoxy floors have superior longevity

No retail space can afford costly downtime and closures for maintenance.  That’s why epoxy floors get the tick of approval because they last for a very long time.

Epoxy floors are safe and slip-resistant

Another excellent attribute of epoxy floors is their superior safety.  The surface is engineered to be slip and skid-resistant so your customers will feel safe and comfortable in your retail space.

Epoxy floors are affordable

Value for money is another key advantage of epoxy flooring.

They can be installed over any existing substrate such as an old concrete or wooden floor, so the cost of materials and labour is reduced.  Plus, epoxy floors are low maintenance, simple and easy to clean and because they last for decades, the life-cycle costing means you get a great return on your investment.

Saving money is a priority for every business and you can be sure that your beautiful epoxy floor will add flair and style to your space while helping your bottom-line!

Final thoughts on boosting your retail space with epoxy flooring

Adding a bright, beautiful, elegant floor to your retail space is like giving your business an instant face-lift.  Customers will love it and it will create a strong and stylish impression which has quality written all over it.

That said, an epoxy floor requires experienced specialists to ensure that the installation is done properly.

Panther Protective Coatings is Perth’s most trusted resin and epoxy flooring contractor and we have over 20 years’ experience in end-to-end service from surface preparation to installation.  If you need a new floor for your retail space, we would be delighted to discuss various options with you so that your business can put its best foot forward!

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