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When it comes to polyurethane vs epoxy floor coating,  they are two different polymer mixes with different properties and applications. Understanding these differences will help you pick the best floor coating for the job at hand.

Epoxy floor coatings

Pros of Epoxy

  • Epoxy floors are harder, stronger and more durable than polyurethanes.
  • The best choice for factories, warehouses and industrial workplaces that have heavy forklift traffic because of its durability.
  • Also a better choice for humid settings, as its ability to cure well is not as influenced by humid conditions.
  • Generally offers superior adhesion to concrete surfaces.
  • Also better at self leveling and filling in imperfections such as pits and hairline cracks in surfaces.
  • Better resistance to chemicals such as sulphuric acid – ideal for industrial settings.

Cons of Epoxy

  • Long cure time until fully hardened (around  a week).
  • Prone to yellowing when exposed to UV in sunlight, which can affect end appearance.

Polyurethane coatings

Pros of Polyurethane

  • Can achieve a very glossy, glass like surface – great for that top end look
  • Is more elastic, giving it a softer, bouncier feel and better resistance to surface scratching
  • Also offers better resistance to extremes of temperatures e.g. freezers and cold rooms
  • Good for waterproofing
  • Better resistance to food contaminants such as lactic acids – ideal for dairies and also commercial kitchens
  • Offers a good base for anti-slip surfaces
  • Has a much shorter curing time than epoxy, important if you just can’t spare the down time in your facility.

Cons of Polyurethane

  • Very sensitive to humidity, can affect its ability to cure properly.
  • Prone to gouging, not as resistant to heavy industry traffic as epoxy surfaces.

Polyurethane vs epoxy floor coating – Porque no los dos?

When it comes to weighting up the benefits of polyurethane vs epoxy floor coating, as the famous taco ad says – “why not both”? With both epoxy and polyurethane floor coating offering a number of benefits, you may be able to combine them to get the best of both worlds. In fact, many industry specialists advise combining polyurethane and epoxy coating layers for maximum performance, depending on the situation.

With decades of experience in installing both epoxy and polyurethane floors, our team at Panther Protective Coatings is happy to advise you on which option is better for your flooring, both now and in the long term.

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