Epoxy Flooring in warehouse

One of the commercial flooring solution that is extensively employed in commercial setups to render the floors more robust and largely resistant to damage for years on end is the epoxy.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

The term epoxy may be described as the process of preparing a strong and robust plastic finish flooring material that has been created by blending together resins and a chemical hardener. The material prepared in this manner is strong and extremely resistant to damages and natural wear and tear. The epoxy can be bonded with any type of base flooring to achieve an industrial grade flooring that can be installed in areas that experience heavy traffic such as sports arenas, hospitals, workplaces, manufacturing units and such.

Types of Epoxy Flooring

Given the fact that they find extensive application in commercial and industrial settings, epoxy flooring come in different varieties to suit the varying needs and requirements of the users.

Self Dispersing Epoxy Coating

Typically employed in areas that regularly experience heavy vehicular traffic or use of the forklift, this type of epoxy features great mechanical strength and protects the underlying base flooring against breakage or caving.

Self Levelling Epoxy Coating

Extremely easy to install, the self-levelling epoxy can be applied over both new and existing concrete floor bases to create a seamless and levelled surface that is low maintenance and robust. The coating is also helpful in achieving resistance against abrasives, slippage, high temperatures and chemicals.

Anti Static Epoxy Floors

Extensively employed in work environments that possess electrostatic hazards, the Anti Static Epoxy coatings are useful in reducing electroconductivity of the premises. Since this type of epoxy is made of a conductive material, it essentially traps and drains out any static discharges through the ground. Some of the commercial setups where the anti-static epoxy floors find extensive application include healthcare facilities, chemical factories and other units that employ inflammable materials.

What are the benefits of Epoxy Flooring?

There are a number of incredible benefits of applying the epoxy coating on your regular commercial floorings.

  • Epoxy coating makes regular concrete floors strong and resistant to natural wear and tear and can be a great method of reducing your business expenses on floor maintenance and repair.
  • Epoxy renders regular floors smooth and seamless making it incredibly easy to wipe and clean them of debris, dust, spills and such. Since there can be a lot of mess in industrial setups and manufacturing units, the epoxy offers a hassle-free solution for all your flooring needs.
  • Since epoxy floors typically offer resistance to fire, chemicals, impact and are anti-slip, they are a safer alternative to regular floors in industrial settings.

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