Industrial Flooring work in progress

Primarily used as a concrete floor sealer, epoxy offers a durable, high-gloss and hard-wearing surface along with durability for diverse industries like food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, and storage warehouses.

Right from the initial installation to the long-term maintenance, an epoxy coating has the following benefits:

  1. Resists Chemical Corrosion
    An epoxy coating is not just durable enough to handle the heavy traffic in an industrial setting, but can also hold up against strong chemical agents.Epoxy can handle temperatures between 00 and 1400F. Facilities exposed to heavy chemicals can choose a high level of chemical resistant flooring – NaOH & HNO3 solution. The coating is hard water, moisture, and cutting oil resistant and offers high resistance to solvents, acids, and alkalis.
  2. Offers Better Safety
    Epoxy flooring is heat, fire, impact and slip resistant, thus being a safe option for employees. The high-gloss floors improve brightness in a working environment by more than 300%. It enhances visibility inside garages or industrial settings as it reflects light off the floor. It also prevents bacterial growth within the concrete and resists injuries from impact or abrasion. You can choose an anti-slip texture as per your needs.
  3. Ensures a Lower Curing Period
    When you’re looking to reduce production downtime during a new flooring installation, a layer of epoxy is a faster option compared to others. Though it isn’t as fast as concrete polishing, it gets hardened in hours. This layer is a self-levelling product so that experienced professionals can apply it quickly for concrete resurfacing. Also, the epoxy coating application is possible even when it’s raining or during high humidity. The presence of polar groups offers good adhesion in less time.
  4. Delivers Variety 
    You can decorate floors with epoxy coating for a flawless and elegant shine. Choosing traditional or customised patterns and designs can improve the ambiance of your home, office or garage. Since the product is available in multiple colours, businesses can use it to designate safety zones, work zones, and forklift zones in their industrial settings. The intensity of the traffic will determine the thickness of the epoxy for your application.
  5. Promises Longevity
    Concrete resurfacing is not possible very often in most industries. Epoxy flooring lasts decades of use without any peels or cracks with proper application. Plus, the lifespan makes it an excellent solution for industrial and commercial usage. Low shrinkage is another merit of epoxy floors. The minimum maintenance and upkeep costs make it a dependable solution.Application of epoxy flooring is inexpensive and cost-effective in the long run. Not to mention, it confirms to IS standards and creates a durable surface at a fraction of the cost of replacing your concrete or slabs.

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