Chemical Resistant Coating

Concrete floor coatings such as Chemical resistant coatings are designed for concrete walls, floors, and secondary containment areas to reduce abrasion from materials and chemicals. It ensures that substrate stays durable and last longer than expected. Chemical resistant coatings helps in eliminating repairing costs for your flooring, and protects it against harmful oil, acid, solvent and chemical spills.

Chemical resistant coatings are important for the following reasons:


Unprotected concrete and other substrates will be prone to chemicals and acids breaking down the concrete and making it weak, in time the concrete can become pitted with hole and cracks and can even become soft and fall apart. A pitted uneven surface can be dangerous to walk on, unstable for forklift use, can be slippery and can also run the risk of breaking apart under strain.

A well protected chemical contentment area or storage area should provide an easy to clean/ neutralize, non-slip and should include falls to wastes or sumps if appropriate.


Acids and chemical will damage concrete and steel if left unprotected, quite often the damage down from harsh chemicals over time unrepairable and the concrete will need to be removed and replaced. The right chemical resistant product will seal and protect the concrete or steel from liquids and chemical attack.

Chemical Resistant Products:

  • 2 and 3 Component Epoxy
  • Epoxy Novolac
  • Polyurethane
  • Polyespartic
  • Fluoropolymers
  • Polyurea


Concrete repairs and coatings can improve the overall appearance and give the surface longevity. Also, some products give a range of colours that can liven up the area from plan grey concrete look.

Chemical resistant or acid resistant epoxy coatings can be applied in a number of areas within a commercial space. It’s useful in commercial restaurant kitchens, chemical processing rooms, mechanical rooms, acid storage rooms, veterinary flooring, seafood storage rooms, generator rooms, battery rooms and engine rooms. These are the places where walls and floors are most prone to corrosion damage.

No matter what kind of equipment you have, you should definitely consider chemical resistant coatings for your equipment and commercial space. Panther Protective offer chemical resistant coating services at very competitive rates. Contact now for Obligation Free Quote.