Commercial Kitchen Flooring

Why is Epoxy Coating the best for your Commercial Kitchen Flooring?

Commercial kitchen flooring need to provide you low maintenance, style, and safety that is required to establish a streamlined work environment around the premises. Right from prolonged exposure to temperature extremes and water leaks to food spills and heavy industrial cooking equipment, your heavy duty industrial, commercial and restaurant kitchen flooring is put through a lot of stress 24*7. That said, you need a protective coating that can provide your commercial kitchen flooring the strength and the resilience to maintain a safe and hygienic environment for a smooth flow of work. And that’s where epoxy comes into play!

Easy to Maintain

Having to work long shift hours every day, your industrial kitchen staff would certainly appreciate a flooring that is easy to clean and maintain in the long run. High quality epoxy offers a non-porous, waterproof coating that does not allow accumulation of dirt and debris between the floor crevasses and cracks. All you need to do is wipe the floor with a damp mop and your kitchen would be sparkling clean!

Slip Resistance

One of the major concerns of all industrial and commercial kitchens is a need to minimize accidental slips and falls around the premises. The last thing you need is having to face expensive employee lawsuits and compensation insurance costs for unforeseen accidents in your kitchen premises. That said, the epoxy coatings feature a resin structure that is largely slip resistant, provides better grip, and is your best option for enhancing the safety of your industrial kitchen floors.

Promotes Hygiene

As aforementioned, the epoxy resin coatings are non-porous and provide a seamless finish to your otherwise deteriorating concrete floors. Installing the epoxy coating on your industrial and commercial kitchen floor will help minimise the chances of harboring bacteria and prevent accumulation of toxic molds and mildew. As such, an epoxy coating provides a seamless floor structure ideal for maintaining the hygiene of areas where food is prepared and handled regularly.

Thermal Shock and Chemical Resistance

Industrial kitchen floors are often exposed to food spills comprising of various organic and inorganic acids such as vinegar, citrus and so on. Also, recurrent exposure to alternate cycles of heat and cold can cause a thermal shock to the kitchen floor. Epoxy flooring is both chemical as well as thermal shock resistant and as such a perfect choice for protecting your industrial kitchen floors against any operational damage and natural wear and tear.

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