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Slip-resistant flooring or safety flooring is required to prevent any kind of slip and trip accidents to maintain productive and safe industrial and commercial facilities, as otherwise at any time, anyone like a member of staff or customers can suffer a painful injury. Such slips hazards can happen to anyone at any point in time.

The safety of its staff members and customers is paramount for any business, so to ensure this safety, the industrialist must use anti-skid coating materials.  Anti-slip flooring is a hard floor surface created or treated in a way that it will help prevent accidents by slipping.

Commercial non-slip flooring has many aesthetic and practical benefits that will be helpful for both the short and long term.

So it’s important to install anti-skid flooring to your premises to ensure safety at your office, factory or warehouse.  When it comes to the already existing flooring, you can go for non-slip or anti-skid coatings.

The safety flooring brands we stock are extremely hard-wearing, non-slip, easy to clean and anti-bacterial.  Our flooring is ideal for any kind of industry which includes hospitals, universities, leisure facilities, schools and the retail sectors.

If you have commercial floors that are routinely subjected to oil, grease, and other substances that make them slick, you can benefit greatly from anti-slip industrial coatings.

Some benefits of outdoor tile coating are addressed here:

 Easy to install

Anti-skid coating can be installed in two ways. Whether you choose it for a new floor or whether you alter an existing surface. Non slip coating in a current surface makes it more slip-resistant and long-lasting.  Moreover, some treatments are available which won’t even affect the beauty of the floor, so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing appearance for practicality.

Less Risk of Accidents

Your home or business will be a lot safer when you have anti-skid floor coatings placed over existing flooring.  This creates a safe working environment for staff and visitors, thus increasing morale and productivity.

Prevent Industrialist from facing costly Lawsuit

The relevant health and safety acts require employers to ensure the health and safety of all employees.  Let’s assume your employee faces slip hazards and falls in the warehouse and sustains a concussion that keeps them out of work for months. Although you didn’t directly cause someone to hurt themselves, you could still be considered responsible for the injury that took place.  It could also end up costing you a lot of money in the long run with legal ramifications due to negligence. To avoid such hassles it is advised to install industrial tile coatings.

Suitable for almost all work areas

Non-slip floor coating treatments are suitable for almost all work areas. Whether it’s your office, factory floor, walking paths, stairs, canteen, restaurants, workshop, club, car park or changing room – non-slip coatings provide the best solution for any type of floor. Anti-skid coatings are also for many types of flooring layouts such as tile woods, concrete surfaces, vinyl floors, sealed floors, and metallic and acrylic finishes.

Easy to Clean and Hygienic

When floors are installed with non-slip coating, they are stain-resistant and more hygienic than alternative flooring products.  If something falls on a non-slip floor and it gets dirty, you can simply wipe it off.  The benefit of the laminated layer is that it allows for non-absorbing and non-stickiness, which make for an easy to clean floor. Overall, this makes these non-slip floors a healthy and hygienic option.

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Consider Installing Anti Slip Coating ASAP

If your mission is to provide a safer work environment for the members of your staff and visiting customers, consider installing non-slip coating on the floor surface today.