Flake Floor Coatings

Earlier in floor coatings, utility was important than looks. But things have changed. New floor coating options on the market today mean that now you don’t have to sacrifice interior design standards when you also want floor protection.

New decorative coatings such as flake flooring provide a tough level of resistance to all kinds of punishment, while also providing protection to high traffic floors in garages, showrooms and more. With an almost limitless amount of colour choices, including custom combinations, you can get a finish that will make even the fussiest interior designer or architect rub their hands with glee.

The trick to making sure these types of coatings offer protection as well as decoration lies in ensuring they are installed by experienced companies like Panther Protective Coatings.  There are a number of steps involved in make sure your flake flooring remains good looking for years:

  1. Ensuring that the floor the coating is installed over is prepared or repaired properly.  This applies to new builds but also to reconditioning of existing floors. Never skimp on this first step or you will be wasting your investment in new flooring.
  2. Adding an epoxy primer over the prepared base
  3. Layering a tinted base coat in a colour selected to achieve the final finish you are seeking
  4. Hand casting coloured flakes on the base layer. Again, you want experienced contractors performing this stage to achieve a finish that looks great.
  5. Finally, topping your new flake floors with a clear polyurethane layer. This fast drying top coat adds strength, scratch resistance and the high gloss finish many are now seeking for that top quality designer look.

With a wide range of options to choose from, modern decorative coatings are a great option for those who want protection for their floors, without sacrificing appearance.