Commercial Kitchen

Panther Protective Coatings is an advocate for a specialised floor coating called Epoxy. Epoxy Flooring is the best option for your commercial kitchen. More specifically, your concrete commercial kitchen flooring. The difference between regular commercial floor coating and Epoxy is – longevity and easy maintenance. Regular commercial floor coating needs to be reapplied on a monthly basis. Epoxy coating is guaranteed to last between two to five years.

“The high-quality epoxy coating stops the accumulation of dirt and debris that can accumulate in normal floor cracks. A mop and bucket is all you need to keep your commercial floors sparkling clean.”

There’s also another significant difference between regular and Epoxy coating. Epoxy application offers a seamless finish. The smooth/level surface also cancels out the possibility of dirt and grime accumulating in cracks and crevices. By choosing the epoxy resin flooring, you can almost guarantee that no bacteria or toxic substance will accumulate on your floor.

Check out “Your Commercial Kitchen Flooring Checklist” for even more information!

Owning or running a successful business can be a stressful part of life. Making sure that your staff are comfortable and safe in their working environment is an essential part of business. Having a suitable flooring solution that ensures the safety of everyone in the workplace should be number one on your priority list. That’s why at Panther Protective Coatings our priority is offering the the best option for your business ventures. For more information on our preferred commercial floor coatings, please contact us.