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Choosing a new floor for your commercial or industrial business is a big decision.

We understand there are many options out there and that there are many different factors to be considered.  It is a significant investment, and we know how critical it is to make the right choice.

This article outlines three ways in which epoxy flooring can improve a business and gives you some important facts about this type of surface which will help with your decision-making.

The three ways an epoxy floor can improve and enhance a business are:

  • It makes a striking impression
  • It takes all the hassle out of flooring
  • It delivers value for money and long-term savings

Epoxy floors create a striking and strong first impression

Until fairly recently, the options for industrial and commercial flooring were pretty limited.  Utilitarian, dull surfaces that didn’t offer much in terms of aesthetics were the order of the day, and function certainly took precedence over form.  However, innovative new technologies and techniques have brought a raft of new options to market that combine style with substance – and epoxy flooring is at the top of the list.

Epoxy is already the first choice for a huge variety of industrial and commercial environments including warehouses, manufacturing and production facilities, retail spaces, shopping centres, motor dealerships, furniture showrooms etc.  And it’s not only because this type of flooring performs at the highest level.  It looks sensational too, so it creates a striking impression on anyone entering your business premises.

From its seamless finish with its lustrous, warm sheen to the myriad colours, patterns and finishes on offer, an epoxy floor is a welcoming sight in any environment.  Say goodbye to dull, chipped, cracked, stained and unappealing floors and say hello to stylish and hard-wearing floors with flair.

Epoxy floors allow peace-of-mind

The last thing a business owner needs to be concerned about is the condition or performance of the floor in their business premises.

Epoxy floor not only has excellent durability and unparalleled longevity – it’s also easy to maintain and can withstand even the most robust of cleaning regimes.

It’s also a superior choice in terms of safety.  The tough surface is skid and slip resistant so the likelihood of workplace accidents is reduced, plus the floor can be customised with markings, colours or patterns demarcating specific zones/walkways/exclusion areas etc.

With an epoxy floor, business owners can get on with the important job of running a productive and profitable business without having to waste time worrying about the floors.  That’s because epoxy floors are:

  • Safe
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Extremely durable and will retain their good looks and high-performance functionality for years
  • Customisable

Epoxy floors offer value for money and long-term savings

Every business is concerned about costs.  How can they cut down on expenses and improve their bottom line?  How can they ensure a good return on their investments?

It might be hard to believe that a floor can actually offer long-term savings, but with epoxy floors, it’s true.  Installed correctly, they will retain their good looks, perform at the highest level for years and years and pay dividends over the long-term.

A final word on why epoxy is a first-choice flooring option for businesses

Whether you’re running a large manufacturing facility, operating a busy warehouse or managing a high-end retail business, you need a floor you can depend upon.   An epoxy floor creates a strong impression among your clients, visitors and employees, it’s tough and long-lasting so it allows total peace-of-mind in terms of performance and safety, plus it’s a good long-term investment.

Sounds good?  If you’re interested in making a good business decision from the ground up, please talk to our friendly specialists about our versatile epoxy flooring options.  Panther Protective Coatings has been Perth’s most trusted commercial kitchen and factory flooring specialists for over 20 years and we’ve got all the expertise and experience to make a difference to your business.

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